Advantages of the Rentzel Energy Oil Filled Motor

The Rentzel Energy motor provides the capability of combining the most efficient motor with the best bowl assembly for optimal system performance. All motors are extensively tested and documented throughout the assembly to ensure a completed motor of the highest quality and dependability.

  • Finely machined bearings for a closer tolerance fit and smoother rotor operation.
  • Large radial bearing surfaces for increased radial load handling that reduces vibration.
  • Increased strength of equalizing diaphragm ensures long life and dependable operation of equalizing pressures within the motor. This makes the motor self-contained and free from possible contamination from the product being pumped.
  • Dual mechanical seals are placed back to back eliminating a cavity that collects moisture.
  • Increased size of stator casing the centrifugally cast stator casing wall thickness has been increased, making the stator more resistant to warping and misalignment.
  • M19-C5 coated and annealed laminations for stator and rotor – the highest quality laminations improve motor efficiency.
  • Continuous power leads eliminates a potential failure point at the plug-in connection.
  • Computerized dynamically balanced rotor to API/NEMA specifications.
  • Exterior Coatings Standard is Epoxy coating which prevents corrosion to exposed areas of motor. 
  • Sub-flex coupling extends motor life by preventing normal pump wear from transmitting possible misalignment and vibration to the motor.
  • With the Rentzel Energy dual pressure balancing system the windings are not exposed to external water and contaminates.
  • The Rentzel Energy motor can be installed on any NEMA standard manufactured pump without major modifications. Special mounts and adaptors are optional.
  • Four thermal sensors are added, one to the Kingsbury thrust bearing and three sensors in the windings.